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Schamber Electric was founded by Tim and Tammie Schamber in 1994, and what started as a two person operation being run out of their home has grown into one of the largest Electrical Contracting companies based in Southern California.

Due to the commitment of our employees both to our customers and to the core values of our company, Schamber Electric has grown to have one of the largest workforces in the Southern California area, and has grown to be an industry leader in best practices, safety, and customer service.


Schamber Electric strives to be the industry leader in customer service and quality through honest practices that result in the finest product available.

Schamber Electric customers will receive the highest quality service from the most skilled employees. Schamber Electric employees will be introduced to a fun atmosphere with many opportunities for advancement and job satisfaction.


It is a core value for Schamber Electric to be an industry leader, and to be on the cutting edge of industry issues. Schamber Electric is also dedicated to supporting the industry, educating ourselves, and educating others within the industry on core issues. Schamber Electric also believes in being connected to other members of the community, and is affiliated with the following organizations: