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Two story single family home with garage.

Single Family Residential

Schamber offers a full-service solution to the Single Family Residential Builder. Whether you are building a major master planned community or small infill projects, Schamber Electric finishes the job efficiently and at a competitive price. From value engineering to staying on timelines, Schamber brings over 20 years experience in new construction to the industry and continues to be a key resource to the best builders in Southern California.

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  • Extensive pre-project planning and value engineering
  • Cost-conscious sourcing and material options
  • Award winning safety program and proper insurance
  • Hourly foreman providing attention to detail supervision
  • A fully staffed customer service department
Schamber Electric Safety Program

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Client List

Schamber Electric specializes in new residential tract construction throughout Southern California. We have many clients with a broad range of needs, and we work diligently to satisfy those needs at every opportunity. Our dedication to providing an exceptional product at a reasonable price has allowed us to continue working with:

Our Growth

Each year our single family residential customers have increased their trust in our work which in turn increased the number of jobs we were awarded and successfully produced.

2012– 676 units, 2013 – 1.235 units, 2014 – 2,208 units, 2015 - 2,471

Unit Growth 2012-15